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“Precious dishes like phở perpetuate an ever-evolving culture, and connect us near and far with our loved ones. For me, phở is a key artifact in my own love story, but the soup itself is a grand romance.”

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There are now seven billion people are living on the earth. We are living in a peak of human innovation, information, health and wealth. But we also have a peak of population and consumption with rising temperatures and declining resources fueled by cheap oil and gas. Population explosion is a big problem in all Asian countries which especially have a tropical climate. However they have been still lacking of the knowledge of urban architecture which suits their hot and humid tropical climate. There are only about 2.5% of city dwellers who really care about their living space and green space. 90% of children from 2 months to 13 years old are suffered from respiratory illness and infectious diseases in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City loses 50% of green space in 11 years. This story illustrates the rapid rate of urbanization in Asia, the importance of green space as a health issue, and the difficulties of balancing urban development and human health.