What can I do to help as an Interior Designer?!




Here is the mapping of development for my MA project, and also the summary of what I am going to build in my design career. From now on, I know I will not be only an interior designer, but also a business designer, an investor, a researcher for green building solutions for my own projects. It takes time, year after years or even all my life time.

Working experience and the current context of social reality show that investors in Vietnam today do not care much about the benefits of green spaces can bring to living space for residents. The housing market for low income and middle income people are lacking of scientific researches and serious investments. For real estate investors, they only care about how many area of the land and the building will be sold or used for living space. They are not interested in development of green spaces, the natural environment and the surrounding community of the buildings/projects, or their impacts on health and quality of life of residents living in and near by.

Many times, I have asked myself why not? If I believe that the journey I am going on and things I am doing and protecting are right and good and can change a lot of people`s lives, natural environment in my community, in my country and even maybe around the world in a good way.. If my work will create new jobs for the local community, attract new business, reduce product costs, especially, create a comfortable living environment for people… Yes, why not?! But I also know that if I just stand on my position as only an interior designer, it could be very difficult for me to convince investors about green building development projects, especially quite hard in the current context of Vietnam today. So why not? If I can be not only an interior designer, but also a nature lover, and the investor for my own “green” projects. Yes. Why not?
From now on, I know my life will be completely changed by many challenges and opportunities forward. But I am not afraid. Whenever thinking about it, I find myself full of energy and motivation for the small steps, and the further steps forward. One by one, I will make these become reality one day!

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