Hue Traditional Garden House in Vietnam


If architecture is considered as a part of nature, then the building must achieve the harmony with ecological environment. Hue traditional house of Vietnam often contains small gardens. These often fulfill fengshui needs and aims to create a harmonious atmosphere of living environment. The features of Hue traditional garden house (HTGH) are introduced and prove the climate adaptation of it.


The art of catching the breeze by the alley, screen and basin:


1) Site selection has e a great influence to the house’s characters. The best orientation for ho t humid climate housing is north south. The main façade face south to catch the breeze from south in summer and avoid wind in winter.

2) Trees plant around the house with different height in order to create different pressure control flow and wind velocity. Besides that, the vegetation improves microclimate by reducing heat radiation and support shade. It also depends on kind of tree choice direction and altitude of sun.

3) Water body should locate at the advantage wind direction such as south due to cool by evaporation.

4) House in hot humid climate usually has elongated, extending along east west. The wall in west and east is usually solid to avoid radiation. Main house of HTGH in an evident to see it can extend the length easily.

5) Thick roof with thermal insulation material like clay and slope 30 degrees would be easy for reduction heat radiation and rainwater drainage.

6) Space underneath roof should have vents for wind transferring to avoid termite wood with high moisture condition.

7) Veranda is a very important factor for house in hot humid zone. Effective shade depends on the wide of 8 IACSIT International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol. 5, No. 1, February 2013 veranda. It is also the thermal mass into the house.

8) Wide eaves keep the sun from attacking wall or window directly; also avoid the precipitation fall in wall.

9) A solution for the house with timber structure in flooding area is putting the columns on the rock mass. The columns raised way protects the timber away ground moisture and subterranean termites.

10) Yin-yang door design creates semi-closed space; it is a good condition for ventilation. Air is always clean and flow to avoid pollution and humidity.

As a result, these elements provide a data for traditional architecture application in modern house. However, HTGH also have some limitation for daily life. Therefore, it is necessary for making changes to adapt this traditional architectural methods of our ancestor to the modern architecture of Vietnam nowadays while maintaining the traditional features.

The Unique Characteristics of Hue Traditional Garden House




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