The house within a vegetable garden.

The house within a vegetable garden.

Baan Rai I Arun resort is an extremely interesting model of farm-homestay. It is a combination of unique architecture, vegetable gardens, fresh nature and the homey feeling of a home. The name itself reveals most of the significances of this place. In Thai, “Baan” means house, “Rai” is farm, “I” is fog, “Arun” is a new dawn. This is the home where you can see the dawn and the morning dew drops on leaves in every early morning.

Reportedly, that is the idea of a young architect Viroj Chimme which was built in his hometown. The homesickness for the family and his mother and his passion for architecture made his dream gradually become reality. A “giant” garden, living spaces and nature blend in an amazing harmony where he spends the rest of his life for his family. Rooting from this idea, Baan Rai I Arun have been developed into a homestay resort. Waking up in the morning, visitors would be overwhelmed by sunshine dancing on the vegetable beds and meals are cooked with iingredients of fresh vegetables harvested from the garden. Here, chaos, stress of modern life seems to be disappearing.12189663-500865973406247-1979556518261097930-n-1457187087263





2 thoughts on “The house within a vegetable garden.

  1. This is a really interesting example – did you write this or is it taken from another source. Have you visited this site? It would be good to get this contextual information.


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