An inspiration story about India`s Menstruation Man

Yes!!! Why not?! If your work will create new jobs for the local community, attract new business, reduce product costs, especially, create a comfortable living environment for people.

“Money will come when you do something that impacts a lot of people. If you chase only money, you will be really unhappy.
Building something that can impact and change people’s lives across the world will always keep you motivated.
Don’t take yourself too seriously and you will not hesitate to take bold risks in life. Have fun along the way.” – Uber’s CTO Thuan Pham

“In a world where millions of women can’t afford safe menstrual hygiene, one man goes on a quest to make the perfect sanitary pad.
His neighbours called him a pervert and his wife left him, but he never gave up. He is India’s Menstruation Man.” – Al Jazeera English



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