Factors of Green Building

Green building includes every part of construction, not just  the house itself but everything around it, and how the house and its users relate to the community around them. It is quite complicated in reality of work. However, for a basic standard, a green building should archive three goals:

  1. Energy efficiency: a well-designed and green-built home consumes as little energy as possible and uses renewable sources of energy whenever possible. The lower energy would be used, the more money would be saved for the owners. It also helps to broader social benefits, reduce air pollution, and global climate change.
  2. Conservation of natural resource: It is about the awareness of the eco-friendliness of using building materials and the process of building and operating of the building during its life cycle. It is about the effective building strategies that conserve natural resources. For example: Using more durable products to reduce waste, recycle, reuse natural resource.
  3. Indoor air quality: It s about the heating – cooling – lighting systems directly or indirectly cause some physical – mental – psychological affects on the buildings occupants.

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