Hemp Building Costs

Hemp Building Cost

In construction, one of the most important factors that should be concerned is the cost of building, and the cost of operation of the building. And the math that interior designers and architects have been facing these days is not only about a well-designed, green-built project, but also affordable building cost. Therefore, the journey of finding solutions for affordable housing and building in Vietnam has oriented myself  toward finding the answer in natural building materials. The cost was mentioned above is not only for construction but also for maintenance and the operation cost during its life cycle.

People always suppose green/sustainable building cost much more than conventional buildings. According to the book named Green Building Design and Construction with reality check, they claimed that it is a very common misconception that continues to linger on even though it has been debunked many times over. Although on a price per square foot basis, building green may incur marginally greater upfront costs, in the long run a green home is more affordable and cost effective because the operational costs are lower when compared with conventional buildings. It is surprising therefore that some developers still believe that building with green materials or renovating to green specifications is cost-prohibitive. In addition to this, there are various strategies and approaches that can be employed to achieve inexpensive green building. These include reducing waste, optimal value engineering, right-sizing the structure to using solar panels, low-e windows, and energy-saving appliances, and more-all of which can help qualify the project for federal tax credits. Moreover, when green thinking becomes an integral part of the initial building plans, it is easier to design and incorporate green elements into the project.




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