From Roger Batman… (Negotiated Project)

“Claire Craig and I are in the process of organising a session for you, and others from Project 1, to present your P1 work to members of Sheffield City Council and related support services. I am sure you will agree that this will be an excellent opportunity for you to get feedback on your work, get your ideas across to non-designers, to network with key people who might be able/willing to help you in Negotiated Project.
The session will likely be in the HPO not the Council Buildings mainly because it is useful for us to invite visitors into our new buildings and also it will allow us to ‘control’ the event ensuring that presentation facilities are working etc etc.
We are waiting for some dates from SCC (they are meeting today) and as soon as we know when they are coming in I’ll let you know but, in the meantime, you need to work up a powerful/rich and informative 5 minute Powerpoint presentation that clearly communicates your P1 idea and your NP intentions so we can have a trail session together to ‘iron-them’ out and ensure your thoughts are comprehensible.
You can choose how to out your presentation together but if you aren’t sure about how to start go back to your P1 report and use that as the basis for your presentation building on it as you discuss what you are aiming to do in NP.
In your presentation be sure to:
* State the topic/issue you were/are aiming to address and why you deem it important to address that topic/issue.
* Show some research that supports your choice of that topic/issue (evidence based).
* State what you proposed/designed/created in response to the topic/issue and why you decided to choose that path.
* Describe what you now intend to do with your proposal during the NP module and how – be clear eg: mention the people you need to talk to/work with, the access you might need to people/sites/information/groups etc, what you anticipate the outcome(s) being etc – be careful not to over promise but at the same-time be sure to push your ideas as afar as you can (creative risk-taking).
Don’t be afraid to ask for things/help from the council/support services – they are expecting to help.
I’ll look for a time for us to all meet next week to go through your draft presentations – sooner the better!”


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